The Membership Model

A book that takes a complete approach to membership development in civil society organisations.

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This book contains eight steps that will improve your ability to recruit, activate and keep members. The Membership Model is aimed at employees, elected representatives and volunteers who want to create a membership strategy or improve their organising work.

Some themes from the book:

  • Identifying your unique role
  • Increasing your diversity
  • Attracting more members
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Handling discontent and keeping members
  • Turning passive members into active members
  • Overcoming recruitment resistance
  • Evaluating your membership work

The Membership Model is written by Niklas Hill and Angeli Sjöström. The book is currently available in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

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" ”A tool to utilize!”
Ann Engqvist,
Chefstidningen (Swedish leadership magazine)
" ”Recruiting new members, activating them and keeping them are very important for both large organizations and smaller associations. That is why this book is very timely. Containing a lot of good advice for more efficient membership work, the book is pedagogically solid, clear and easy to understand.”
Media services supplier BTJ critic Gunnar Lamin reviewing The Membership Model, BTJ-publication 12103007
" “It is such an excellent book for which I am very grateful! In a self-evident way, it narrows down the various perspectives that need to come alive in working with membership. The book serves as a good guide for future development efforts. The sections dealing with the importance of membership as a form and the risk involved in treating the member like a customer rather than a part of the organisation are parts that I keep returning to. These are topics which your book has given me new wording and thoughts about.”
Joakim Rindå,
Commission leader for organizer and association development, Riksteatern (Non-profit theatre association)
" “I have found my Bible, not the one about God […] but one about recruiting, activating and keeping members! Everything in the book was like a saga, incredibly inspiring and totally in accordance with my conceptions. The book is The Membership Model, authored by Niklas Hill and Angeli Sjöström.”
Pernilla Bjering Dahlén,
Recruitment coach, The Swedish Association of Health Professionals on Medlemsrekryteringsbloggen (Member recruitment blog)
" “I bought a book that I regularly bring to the associations, reading aloud to the members from. The book is The Membership Model, written by Niklas Hill and Angeli Sjöström.”
Sussie Stangenberg,
Organisational ombudsman The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association on the blog Friskare liv (A healthier life)
" “The members are the most important parts of an organisation, which most people tend to forget or take for granted. Here you are given concrete tips that you can easily apply to your own organisation in order to strengthen it and recruit new members.”
Gülsen Uz,
the project Ung&Dum (Young&Stupid)
" “The Membership Model is a book that is easy to take in. You can definitely use the book as a tool for working with recruitment. It also gives a number of aha experiences – things that can seem obvious but are easily forgotten. Firstly you get practical tips on conversation techniques. It is so easy to forget the interview phase, asking members what they expect from their membership. I also like how the book challenges our ingrained opinions, for example how you can encourage utilising members’ commitment. It doesn’t have to happen the way we present it today–there are new, attractive ways to participate and to influence.”
Catharina Jonsson,
regional secretary for Swedish Teachers Union in Vänersborg
" “The book is easy to read, concrete and clear with various examples and it has something for everyone.”
Magazine ÅSS Emellan
" “The Membership model is elementary and accessible. Its strength lies in the many questions it formulates. It provides a good foundation for discussion for any association wanting to develop its routines for recruiting members and volunteers.”
Mikaela Nordling,
Samfundet Folkhälsan (Finnish NGO for Public Health)
" “I’ve so far read only the first chapter and it’s got me thinking and considering ideas to bring to other associates in two organizations of which I’m a member. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the book – with pen and paper handy. ”
Mark Reed,
Canadian Federation of Musicians, Local 247

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